Verizon: union win

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Aug 24 09:11:24 PDT 2000

Carrol Cox wrote:

>The race/class divisiou is indeed tedious, as would be a debate over whether
>numerator or denominator was more important. But the identiy/class division
>more resembles (say) a
>Should-I-flap-my-wings-and-fly / Should-I-walk division. "Identity" has about
>as much reality as the Holy Ghost.

Yeah, except that perceptions of class are a kind of identity. Why is "I am a worker," or even "I am a member of the working class," all that different from "I am a woman" or "I am black"? The categories may be constructed differently - membership in a class comes with a certain position in production, while being a woman, though not unrelated to a positioning in the social division of labor also is all mixed up with "biology" - but the coming to class consciousness is a kind of identity formation.


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