Anti-Semitism on the German Radical Left?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Aug 25 05:25:34 PDT 2000

"Michael Pugliese asked:

> taz "... eine Störung linker Gemütlichkeit" My extremely rudimentary
> German can only make out that
> this is a review on sectors of the 70's radical left in Germany re:
> anti-semitism. Can someone summarize and/or translate?

I will try to to give a short summary/commentary:

Its a review on a sort of anthology from diaries, fragments and essays written by anarchists (Autonome). Generally it deals with their own antisemitic stereotypes, but from the review I assume its more about the attitude of the German (radical) left toward the state of Israel: Is it the imperialists watchdog in the Midle East or is it the safe heaven for those ones who managed to escape the holocaust?

Even though the review is rather sympathetic over the anthology, it has to admit that its written from a rather emotional point of view, missing almost any analytical depth, failing even to have an idea what antisemitism is and just touching historic issues.

Havaing read this and knowing what arec the usual anylytical powers of the anarchist (Autonome) spectrumd generally, I conclude that its just a collection of very moralistic accounts about the bad feelings of certain individuals.


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