Anti-Semitism on the German Radical Left?

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Fri Aug 25 07:06:09 PDT 2000

Russell wrote:

> Wouldn't be anything new for the German left. The '30s German Communist
> Party was at pains to claim that there were no Jews in its senior
> leadership.
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> Subject: Anti-Semitism on the German Radical Left?
> taz "... eine Störung linker Gemütlichkeit" My extremely rudimentary
> German can only make out that
> this is a review on sectors of the 70's radical left in Germany re:
> anti-semitism. Can someone summarize and/or translate?


I heard this several times. But can you give a source or is it just hear-say.

>From the German text of the review Michael posted here whether the book is
about anti-semitism, but more about the state of Israel and the german left.


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