Gore Joins Max in Spending the Surplus

Barry Rene DeCicco bdecicco at umich.edu
Fri Aug 25 09:31:45 PDT 2000

From: "Max Sawicky" <sawicky at epinet.org>

>The arbitrariness of the turn in coverage also struck me.
>One gets the feeling that Paula's "Big Cigars" said O.K.,
>Bush is likely to use up more of the surplus. The
>conventions are over; it's time to start chopping him up.


It could also be that writers and editors, in search of something printable which would at least seem fresh, decided that it was time to question last month's conventional wisdom. Then once the first couple of articles like this had been published, the path would be clear for those who were too timid to be the first to question the conventional wisdom of the month.


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