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Telos Forum is a very inactive list, moderated by the contentious editor (or Pirate-in-chief! this refers to an episode when Irving Howe threatened to sue over the rights which Sartre granted on his deathbed for his last interview to have its exclusive publication in Dissent in 1980), Paul Piccone. The only right-winger ever to publish on the list, Charles Champetier, a collaborator of Alain deBenoist, was after many complaints over his pro-Haider advocacy, was either disinvited or ceased contributing. I'd rather not read Paul's mind, I'm sure he'd reply to a personal e-mail. His e-mail is TelosPress at

As to the political complexion of the journal, it's a very mixed bag, from Old Right/paleo-conservatives and the frequent deBenoist interventions reflecting the French New Right, to vigorous polemics on NATO and Kosovo, pro and con, from figures on the German and American academic left, right and center. As well as bona fide leftists with thick skins. Here is the URL for tables of contents of all issues back to number one to present. Pseudo-intellectual? Not at all, only a Lacanian journal could be more obscure.

To allay Herman's fears, I will in future, use blind carbon copy. And also, remember, one of the many good things that Alain Kessi does, is when a new member joins the Discussions of Right-Wing Influences on the Left list, is to to publish their e-mail address, presumably to give the rest of us veto rights over any fascist provocateurs. Or pain in the ass "leftists" like Kubhlai.

Michael Pugliese P.S. There is a right-wing list, some of whose members like Paul Gottfried, are contributing editors. It is paleo at

The paleo-con journal, Chronicles, (a p0iece by a former spokesperson for Radovan Karazdic) a vigorous opponent of the NATO Kosovo intervention most recently, reflects the opinions of that set of list members as well as the more "moderate" neo-Confederates.

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>taz "... eine St=F6rung linker Gem=FCtlichkeit"

telos-forum at Is that Telos Forum:

A. A forum for critical discussion of the magazine Telos [which started=20 long ago as Frankfurter Schule supporters; however, today a Julius Evola=20 pseudo-intellectual Fascist magazine]; a forum which should, of course,=20 exclude the *supporters* of that extreme Right magazine? In that case: OK.

or B. The forum of the extreme Rightists of Telos itself? In that case:=20 sending messages there, along with sending these to Left addresses, may=20 help Fascists to tracks/trails to find out information on the right-left=20 list, and possibly other addresses of their opponents, including maybe=20 private ones.

So, maybe some of us may receive hate mail from Nazis, who became aware of= =20 our existence through this kind of mailing. Besides: should any Leftist=20 [from "very moderate" to "very extreme"] post to extreme Right lists at all?

I hope the Telos Forum is case A. I think all people on this list would=20 like to know.

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