Green green

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sun Aug 27 11:46:58 PDT 2000

John Halle wrote:

>Votes for Gore also reduce the chance that the Greens will receive the
>necessary %5 for federal funding.

I think we have to take seriously that were the Greens to get federal money, the result could be some mix of hilarious and tragic. Look at the Reform Party's squabbles. The Daily Show did a report from their convention, which appeared to be chock full of middle American wackos. There are some very fine people in the Green Party, but there are also tons of left wackos, who would multiply before the Treasury check even clears. The scent of cash and credibility will bring in all the sectarians except the Sparts, who would denounce them as dupes of capital. If the party were more substantial, more organized, things might be different, but since Nader is running mainly as a personality using the Greens as a vehicle and brand name, the money might be more chaotizing (in the bad ssense) than energizing.


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