Hitchens, Howorwitz, Coulter Lovefest

Peter K. peterk at enteract.com
Sun Aug 27 16:21:28 PDT 2000

Michael Pugliese: [clip]

Finally, here are two pissing matches (literally, Horowitz has a cartoon on Joe Conason as a dog pissing on a fire hydrant http://www.frontpagemag.com/conason_stories.htm ) and Alex Constantine- a conspiracy theorist- vs. Horowitz. (BTW, a whigged out conspiracy theorist in Santa Cruz, Bruce Adamson, claimed to me that the Edward Jay Epstein cited here was a close friend of Hitchens. Peter Kilander, http://www.enteract.com/~peterk/ do you know if that is so? --------------------- First of all, I think Bill Francher is a bit of an idiot for putting "Lovefest" in the subject area for this thread. From what I can glean from his very, very few contributions to the list, he's a computer nerd, which doesn't surprise me.

As for your question, Michael, I don't know anything about Epstein except that immediately after the Blumenthal fracas he was going around saying Hitchens had denied the Holocaust to him. (some friend)

from a New York Observer piece by Carl Swanson article dated 3/8/99, titled "Hitchens Put on Trial Before an Angry Nation" (context is that after the fracas, Hitchens had a meeting with some of the Nation staff): "To get all his perceived enemies under one roof, Mr. Hitchens said that he’d "made it a condition" of his meeting "that Edward Jay Epstein be invited to come." After the Blumenthal affidavit brouhaha broke out, Mr. Epstein accused Mr. Hitchens of denying the Holocaust to him in a private conversation years before. "He’s a personal friend of the editor’s," Mr. Hitchens said. Mr. Epstein isn’t going to be there, though. "He’s going to be in California," explained Mr. Navasky. Mr. Hitchens said he offered to reschedule for a better date, but that Mr. Epstein said "no date" was good for him."

What a pussy. Who is this Constantine nutjob? Do you think maybe Navasky works for the Company?

I caught the new Abbey Hoffmann film, Steal this Move, and thought it was REALLY REALLY good. (Horowitz would hate it. Constantine on the other hand...) The film harps on COINTELPRO and the government's vindictive campaign against Hoffmann. I read Ellen Willis's recent New York Time's piece about the movie and thought it was interesting that she said something along the lines that Marcuse was wrong and the "movement" wasn't killed by the government, by in large. What do you think? No doubt they pulled some nasty shit, but we can't teach the schoolchildren that, can we now?


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