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Bill Cochrane billc at
Sun Aug 27 16:38:47 PDT 2000

G'dday A while back Doug posted a denouncement of the NZ economic reforms. In the same vein though of a more academic nature I might recommend the following,

NEW ZEALAND STRUCTURAL POLICIES: OUTCOMES FOR THE LAST FIFTEEN YEARS AND NEW DIRECTIONS FOR THE NEXT. Bryan Philpott, Emeritus Professor of Economics Victoria University of Wellington.

NEW ZEALAND¹S ECONOMIC REFORM PROGRAMME WAS A FAILURE Dr Paul Dalziel, Department of Economics, University of Canterbury Both papers are jam packed with nice little stats showing just how crap our economy is, especially compared to Australia, and just who has made off with the dollars. Dalziel has a good chart showing the change in average per capita real income by decile in the period 83/84 to 95/96 which I include below

Decile Percentage change 83/84-95/96 Bottom -8.71% 2 -3.95% 3 -3.21% 4 -3.41% 5 -0.54% 6 +2.14% 7 +4.66% 8 +6.65% 9 +11.54% Top 10% +26.48% Top 5% +36.37%

Both papers are available on line, try going to go to the on line library link at the bottom of the page and search the library under the author name. If this fails I could always e-mail interested persons a copy. If the debacle described enough isn't enough to plunge NZ into depression Australia winning the Tri nation rugby and bloody Brisbane the NRL should have us hurling lemming like into the tasman. Bill Cochrane

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