Class warfare in the information age

Lisa & Ian Murray seamus at
Sun Aug 27 21:10:16 PDT 2000

Tricking the plants is very tough to do.

When I say we, of course I was silent most of the time, listening and learning.

Chuck Grimes =======

"tricking" the ruling class is even harder :-)

They aren't going to be "moved" by a better argument especially if on the plane of theory/policy/ whatever, the arguments are interminable. Politics isn't like physics and cultures are not experiments. Adjudicating rival claims on how to create a better society with quantification is the old Leibnizian dream. Even the metaphor of "forcing" them to change is misleading. Perhaps the only way to transcend zoon politikon is to morph a la Vonnegut's "Galapagos" and given reservations about GEing posthumanism we've got a lot of politics settle in for some fun and pain; exploring and struggling with how to create justice can be just as engaging as struggling to understand the beauty of plants and everything else that makes life rich with possibilities.


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