globalizers: we feel your pain

Chuck0 chuck at
Mon Aug 28 11:02:18 PDT 2000

The capitalist class is pretty smart and they understand what they have to do to counter the threat that the anti-globalism/anti-capitalism movement poses. They've been pretty smart about how to defeat the "rabble" for several centuries. They understand that the first task is to get the NGOs into the tent so that they can co-opt them and split the movement. Let's hope that our side see that and has the brains to say no.

If you've ever read anything about the history of revolutions, one of the things that the rulers do when faced with possible defeat is to welcome the more moderate elements (or the ringleaders) to the palace.

Then everybody gets shot.

Another good reason for the movement not to have "leaders" that can accept sell-out compromises.


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