Lesser-evilism and third parties

B. Deutsch ennead at teleport.com
Mon Aug 28 13:31:13 PDT 2000

Proportional representation won't happen in the absense of viable third parties.

Instant runoff voting is the best realistic step I see in the direction of making American third parties more viable. It's happening in a few states (there's currently a proposal in Vermont, supported by the Govenor, to start using IRV to elect Vermont Govenors), and some leftists are beginning to be aware of its potential. Nader endorsed IRV in his big Portland speech last week, for instance. But I agree, there needs to be a lot more activity on this front.


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: The problem is the winner take all system itself. If we had
: representation, this dilemma would melt away, and progressives
: have to worry about being sold out by New Democrats (and right-wing
: fascists wouldn't have to worry about being muzzled by compassionate
: Republicans).
: Obviously we don't have proportional representation, and I'm not
claiming I
: have a vision of how to best move in that direction. But I do find
: surprising and a bit depressing (note the small 'd') that there
isn't more
: discussion/agitation around this kind of electoral change on the
: Brett

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