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Mon Aug 28 15:30:15 PDT 2000

**This weekend join in or camp out in Tijuana, Mexico on September 1-3 for the first Tijuana/San Diego Borderhack

For more information write to Luis Humberto Clinton cybercholito at hotmail.com or visit http://www.neuroticos.com/borderhack for a schedule of events

*What* For the first time at one of the most brutal borders in the world, the global hacktivist, net and media art community, international cyberculture personalities, artists, musicians, activists, border groups and human rights organizers come together to meet, present lectures, concerts, workshops, net art and border cinema.

The goal of the camp is to bring world wide attention and to organize around one of the most repressive borders in the world, where the first and the third worlds meet.

Come and express solidarity and outrage against the subhuman treatment of illegal immigrants in this weekends border camp headed by Laboratorios Cinemátik and part of worldwide "No one is Illegal" campaign.

*Where* The location of the camp will be at the Playas de Tijuana in front of the border fence on the side of the Bullring by the sea. To get to Playas de Tijuana from the US side drive on the 5 into Mexico then take the Ensenada Highway west along the fence, and exit at Las Playas. Drive west to the beach, and then north to the fence. It is 10 minutes from downtown Tijuana.

*Area and Camping conditions* The area is by the beach. Bring sleeping bags. There are many cheap hotels and restaurants and nearby for those who not wish to camp. The area has toilets and showers. We recommend leaving drugs and other illegal items at home because the area is sometimes patrolled by the Mexican army.

*Confirmed Participants* Marion Baruch: Moderator of Bordercartograph Ursula Biemann(Swiss) videomaker, cyberfeminist Natalie Bookchin (US) Media artist, <net.net.net.mex> Casa Ayuda al Migrante Casa de la Mujer y el Niño Migrante Madre Assunta Cinefi (MX) Club of Tijuanense cinema Jane Cottis (US) Video artist Comisión de Derechos Humanos Cybertarkus (MX) Electronic music and net enthusiast Factor X (MX) Feminist activists Raúl Ferrera-Balanquet (US) Artist, Professor of Ca Lutherian Univ. Fiambrera (Spain) Artist Collective Ford Proco (MX) Electronic music band Arturo Fuentes (MX) Photographer Fran Ilich (MX)Mixed media artist, founder of nettime latino. El Grito de Los Excluidos: Latinamerican movement against neoliberalism IMAC (MX) Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Tijuana. Krosrods Media Project (USA,MX). Laplace (MX) Electronic music band Geert Lovink (Holland) media activist and critic, a founder of nettime.org Diane Ludin (USA) performance artist, streaming media activist. Roberto Martinez (US) migrant activist; American Friends Committee Jose Osfavelados(Spain) media activist, architect. Jimena Padilla: graphic-digital artist Annaliza Savage (UK) Film director and producer of ZD net TV Alex Rivera (USA) video and digital artist RTMark.com (US Corporation) Florian Schneider (Germany) founder: No one is illegal, media activist Eddo Stern and Gloria Marti (USA) Digital Artists X-ploit hacking team (MX) Hacker activists group. Tijuana No (MX) Punk music band, border activists

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