Making Millions off the Homeless

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Tue Aug 29 08:39:34 PDT 2000

Good piece from the Associated Press. What happened to fact checking and/or copy editors at the AP though. It's Christopher Jencks, not Jenks. Here are two of his other works. Jencks, in an interview I read a long time ago, defined himself as a cultural conservative, (politically he is left-liberal)thus his usage of the "underclass". Out of many critiques of such see The War against the Poor: The Underclass and Antipoverty Policy by Herbert J. Gans and the anthology, " The Underclass Debate: Views from History Michael B. Katz (Editor). Is my understanding correct that William Julius Wilson has backed off on using the concept? The Underclass Question by Bill E. Lawson Foreword by William Julius Wilson.

And, ugh, arranged in bestselling order at, the top work is one of the two books Dubya Bush has (ever?) read, "
>From Wall Street Journal : When asked by the Wall Street Journal to name the
book, excepting the Bible, that he has read that has been most important to him, George W. Bush said: "The Dream and the Nightmare by Myron Magnet crystallized for me the impact the failed culture of the '60s had on our values and society."

Michael Pugliese

Rethinking Social Policy Race, Poverty, And The Underclass Jencks, Christopher

Inequality:The Effect of Family and Schooling in America Jencks, Christopher

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