Greenberg: is he or isn't he (DLC)?

John Halle john.halle at
Tue Aug 29 13:42:27 PDT 2000

> Greenberg is not a policy guy. The basic thrust of his
> polling is that in order to win, Dems should stress bread-
> and-butter class issues. He is not DLC. Penn is DLC and
> preaches the suburban/soccer mom/quality of life (i.e.,
> crime, values) stuff.
> You can get the gist of his analysis from the DLC/PPI
> web site and their e-journal, "Blueprints."
> mbs
> At least one of the chapters in Greenberg's book, "Middle Class Dreams, "
> was commissioned by the DLC for the '96 elections.

I appreciate this info-albeit conflicting.

Perhaps DLC fellow traveler is the right term.

> His wife is the left
> Democrat from Connecticut, Rosa deLauro.

She's my rep in fact. Even given the debased state of the political lexicon, describing her as a leftist is a stretch, to put it mildly.

> Somewhere, in some boxes in
> storage, I've got a review from Jim O'Connor's 70's neo-Marxist
> journal, "Kapitalistate, " of Greenberg's neo-marxist work from the 70's,
> "Race and State in Capitalist Development, " from Yale Univ. Press.

And while you're at it you can dig up Marvin Olasky's stuff from around the same time.

> His
> brother is Edward Greenberg, the lefty political scientist.

And Al Gore's cousin is . . .

> Finally, during
> the run up to the elections between Netanyahoo(sic.) and Barak, the Israeli
> office that Greenberg (and Carville?) were working out of, was burgled.

Does this (third rate) burglary make him (or Larry O'Brien for that matter) a lefty? Don't quite get the point.

> Another finally. For those not willing to trudge through the stats in the
> new Ruy Teixeira and Joel Rogers book, "Why The White Working Class Still
> Matters, " the newest issue of Dissent has a piece adapted from the book by
> Ruy. (Fool's Gold of the Left)
> Looks like he disputes as wishful thinking the left thesis that the key to
> moving the political terrain leftwards is to increase turnout among the
> alienated non-voters. Better to expend resources on turning out the existing
> progressive blocs that are likely voters based on past behavior.

I don't get this either. The Dems already have the pwogs by the balls and they know it-that's what triangulation means, after all. It seems like this recommendation only holds in the event of significant defections from the Dems which will only materialize if the lesser evil strategy collapses-i.e. if Nader does succeed in making real inroads.

Btw, what we should really be talking about, it seems to me, is the larger issue: polling is only about, as Max intimated, what a candidate will say, not what he'll do. So whatever Greenberg's analysis, it will effect policy only if one assumes that politicians have any intention on acting on what the public says it wants, an utterly fallacious assumption, of course.

> Enough citations!!! Michael Pugliese

You mean "too much information"?


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