Finkelstein's background

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Aug 29 15:04:41 PDT 2000

JKSCHW at wrote:

> Chomsky used to cite a poll showing that here was a pretty stable and robust response over the years of about 70% agreement to the proposition that the War in Vietnam was "funadmentally wrong and immoral." He used this to contrast with the elite "quagmire" and "mistake" theories or apologias.

I would like to believe this as Chomsky perhaps intended -- but I wonder what would have happened had the respondents been asked to give their reasons for thinking it immoral. How many would have said "Because American 'boys' were sacrificed by a government that didn't intend to win"? I have not the slightest idea of whether this would have been the case or not. Is there any evidence (polls or otherwise) on the question?


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