kelley kwalker2 at
Tue Aug 29 16:47:56 PDT 2000

guess what dace! you need a little enlightenment as to the personal psychodynamics and interpersonal pscyhodynamics that motivate the drama you see before you!

carrol and i actually discussed some of this offlist. so no, i wasn't trying to get back at my hated enemies. i was hoping to have an honest discussion of the phenom. referencing thomas szaz's work as a way of suggesting that it is quite possible to attack the sacred cow of mental illness and do so in an appoved lexicon.

believe me, if you knew 1/4 of it, you'd feel like a piece of shit right now because reese is going to see what i said as a very big criticism well, you can be one of the groomsmen or something and find out more. furthermore, dude, we discussed it for about an hour last night *after* he sent the post and when i explained a few things to him in a rational way, he got it!!!

i'm very glad you live and work among the absolutely enlightened. and i sure hope you call all your friends and family assholes, etc.

if this is the way the left treats outsiders (as carrol treated maria once) then soooprize sooprize soooprize sarge that there ain't no left except those folks who like to have a boot applied to their neck on a regular basis.


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