Maria Gilmore Maria.Gilmore at
Wed Aug 30 06:24:13 PDT 2000

>The fact remains, Carrol, that people who are physically active, tend not
>to be depressed, that the depressed tend not to be physically active.

Actually, this is not a fact. It's an illogical argument. And it's demonstrably false. Very active people including professional athletes get this illness. The symptoms begin *while the person is still being active, and get worse despite the activity*. But I don't think you want to hear that, Reese. It doesn't square with your personal beliefs regarding the power of the individual will, the mind/body connection, much of which I myself have a very hard time accepting. You mentioned the ability to regulate one's own body temperature, for example. Do you believe people who get cancer are to blame themselves, too, because their wills are insufficiently strong?

Here's another inconvenient fact. There are certain mental illnesses for which *activity* and *exercise* are pathological symptoms, not cures. Wonder why that is? To use your logic, lots of exercise should fix any mental/emotional problems.

>You disagree with the approach?

I disagree with your premise. That which you claim are facts, are not. A faulty approach would most likely result from your foundation. And thanks for quoting us the deep wisdom of Clint Eastwood...


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