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Eichmann initially looked into deportation as a "final solution to the Jewish question." He made a pass at Palestine, but the Brits were not interested, then he studied Madagascar pretty seriously. --jks

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<< Reminds me of a bizarre book entitled, "Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel." ( What if JOSEPH GOEBBELS, the NAZI's cheif propagandist, Adolf EICHMANN, the NAZI's Architect of FINAL SOLUTION, Dr. MORELL, Hitler's personal Physician, Lanz von LIEBENFELS, Hitler's Teacher, many of Hitler's patron's and top men and Hitler himself were ALL of Jewish ancestry, what would you say ? Would this change the tone of discussion WWII ? What if there was a book that details all this, i.e. the true ancestry of the NAZI regime's leadership. Well there is such a book and it is called "HITLER: FOUNDER of ISRAEL" )

Holocaust Revisionist Michael Hoffman II mentions it in the new, 2nd edition of the Adam Parfrey classic, "Apocalypse Culture, " http://www.eserver.org/bs/15/Bertsch.html just out from Feral Press. Some truly out there artwork in this edition like penises twisted into swastikas.

Michael Pugliese

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Alexander Baron is an independent researcher who has been involved in small publishing since the late eighties and exposing Zionist and other mendacity and disinformation since the early 90s. He has published a number of books and a large number of pamphlets on a variety of subjects. Some of them are now out of print, permanently or otherwise, but many are still available.

He has published on the Holocaust and Holocaust Revisionism - what is known pejoratively and inaccurately as Holocaust Denial. He has also published a book length expose of Zionist agent and sexual deviant David Irving.

He has published research and polemics against homosexuality, about smoking and cancer, and collections of short stories and verse.

His publications are generally published on the ITMA label (InfoText Manuscripts) or Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, the former of which is the distributor for the latter.

Since 1993 the ITMA project has been involved in protracted civil litigation. It has scored two victories, in particular an out-of-court settlement from the Metropolitan Police after a raid at the behest of Imperial Zion in 1993, and another out-of-court settlement, a public retraction and the humiliation of one of Britain's leading anti-white hatemongers. However, one other litigation is still on-going, and while they are conducting this themselves for the most part, some legal fees, including for advice, are unavoidable. All donations to the ITMA project at the address below are gratefully received and will enable them to continue exposing liars, hatemongers and enemies of humanity.

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