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Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Wed Aug 30 21:10:33 PDT 2000

Yes, indeed, since although these days I can tune into WBAI (thanks to RealPlayer 7 for Linux), all I generally catch are programs on how the pyramids are A-bomb shelters...

Does anyone know - is there a way to record RealPlayer stuff to a file? If that is the case, I could set up a cron job to suck Radio Doug to a file, and then pass the file on to someone with a better WWW connection to distribute.

Peter -------

Sorry I am a little late today--I was working (boo, hiss, blah).

There has to be a way to set this up directly. (Caution, I don't know shit about audio.) Anybody running Linux or Freebsd go check out the ports section at FreeBSD. Do a search with `audio and streaming'.

It looks to me like there are programs to receive data streams (audio or video), re-direct them to a server where they can be saved, compressed, converted to other formats, then written to CD's or saved as files, indexed and archived where they can then be dished out on demand--as downloads, or re-converted back into streams to be listened to off a web site. The standard formats look like MP3, wav, mpeg, and a bunch of others I've never heard of.


It seems to me something could be cludged together to work. But, I could be waay off. John Kawakami should know about all this stuff, if he's following this thread. Yo, John?

Chuck Grimes

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