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Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Wed Aug 30 22:15:23 PDT 2000

Again, Peter, Kelley, Mike, whoever.

Okay, this looks like it might work (Again, I don't know what I talking about and don't have a sound card to try this--this is a guess)..

Go to the Freebsd ports (

Look at streamripper-0.7.0b. Follow the links in the long description to:


>From here go to SHOUTCast link (

I think what you do is download and set up shoutcast as a server, then tune in WBAI. You setup streamripper to receive the shoutcast output and split up the channels to save as files. Shoutcast claims to work on Win, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD. Streamripper is ported to FreeBSD.

With all this tested, then set up the cron daemon to turn on shoutcast and streamripper. There are probably all kinds of scripting tricks in there to get it to work automatically to save a particular broadcast.

To make the resultant files available, there are other programs on the FreeBSD audio utilities that could be used for ftp or to convert backward and send out via shoutcast. To receive shoutcast, there are various downloadable plug-ins for Win, Mac, Linux.

I am guessing, but this looks like it might work. Its all free except the time computer space, and connection.

Chuck Grimes

If this is all wrong, or won't work let me know.

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