Democracy in action

Carl Remick carlremick at
Thu Aug 31 09:17:12 PDT 2000

The percentage of Americans who vote may continue to decline, but those still willing to exercise their franchise sure take their responsibility seriously. I thought these two items from recent presidential campaign coverage were quite telling:

 From Hugo Young's column in today's Guardian: "The personalities [of the U.S. presidential candidates] will continue to matter, and the body-language is finely watched. Gore hired a ballet dancer to coach him in platform movement."

 From yesterday's NY Times: "Dozens of people interviewed in six neighborhoods ... said they ... had been experiencing epiphanic moments about their presidential candidates in recent days, often in ways that have caused them to rethink the way they intend to vote ... for many ... their change in thinking has emerged from the smallest but most resonant of details, like a well-placed bottle of wine in a televised home video of Mr. Gore with his family that made [interviewee] Josh Kamody suddenly decide that Mr. Gore was 'fun, someone I felt I would like as my dad.'"


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