Martin Mayer

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Thu Aug 31 21:10:08 PDT 2000

What do you think of Martin Mayer's 1988 book Markets?

Haven't read it. How does Mayer write so many books? How does Michael Perelman write so many books. Writing one every 3 years nearly kills me. Doug

Actually there is no "Michael Perelman." There's an agricultural commune of 50 Ph.D.s, all with nose rings and tatoos. They harvest snap beans and write books, often simultaneously. Now you know. mbs


Well, Michael Perelman is real and there is only one of him, because an economist friend of mine has seen him the flesh. Although my friend did look me in the eye and say, God, how does he write so many books?

All of this is a neat dodge. I noticed that Doug seemed strangely silent and didn't comment on the thread on the new economy, intellectual property, and cyberspace, from last week. So I can only assume those compose some of the main ground of Doug's new book.

So, Doug, when is it coming out, what's in it, and isn't it finished yet?

Chuck Grimes

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