Martin Mayer

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Thu Aug 31 23:28:10 PDT 2000

>From what he says, all of these are covered, but I think he's
only interested in protecting his royalties. Lately he's been whining about the residuals from his radio broadcast. Sheesh, you'd think after all the money he has made playing the stock market he could relax a little bit, no?

Joseph Noonan --------

Well, if that's the case, then Doug is going to be really pissed, because I was just conspiring with Les Schafter on how to get WBAI into a Stoutcast server then pipe the output to Streamripper for archiving or re-broadcast. If this works, then all the off-beat leftist broadcasts could be captured. Maybe the server-archive could be called Lapster, for left-napster. But somebody else has to do this since I don't even have a sound card installed. In fact, looking through the freebsd docs tonight, I couldn't tell what interface (/dev) to use for an old Creative Labs soundblaster card (SB 16)--any suggestions?

In any event, your right, with all the dough Doug's made on the dead pool you would think he wouldn't whine so much.

Chuck Grimes

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