The word "ilk" and its abuses

Eric Beck rayrena at
Thu Aug 31 22:09:11 PDT 2000

Joanna Sheldon wrote:

>(I still stiffen at the wrong (i.e., post-WWII,
>derived-from-German) use of "hopefully" but that, too, is a lost cause.)

I've never understood this quarrel. I mean, I get the distinction that's being made, but the people who object to that usage of "hopefully" don't object to the similar usage of "eventually" or "frankly" or other adverbs. Why does "hopefully" get singled out? It's like saying a word can't have two meanings (or usages), but most words have multiple meanings (or usages).

Eric, who quit his copy-editing job just two weeks ago and can't believe he's already discussing grammatical minutiae

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