"Economic Nationalism"? (was Re: Who Killed Vincent Chin?)

Patrick Bond pbond at wn.apc.org
Sun Jan 2 22:30:20 PST 2000

> From: Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com>
> And given Patrick's citation of Smith's Rhodesia as a national
> development model, and kind words offered by HCKL & others for Nazi
> economic policy, you have to wonder how separable these economic
> models are from the unambiguously repellent nationalisms that
> produced them.

Whoa, comrade. Kind words for relatively profficient technical control of capital flows, yes, and also an acknowledgement of the two kinds of populist-nationalisms (white proto-fascism and black guerillaism) that were amplified by an early 1960s financial crisis. But it's a bit unfair to extrapolate (if you want the naunce, there's a chapter on "The Rise and Fall of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence Economy" in my PhD, Uneven Zimbabwe: A Study of Finance, Development and Underdevelopment, Africa World Press, 1998; I'll bring you a copy, Doug, when we have a beer on 13 January). (Hey, I'm not being shy on lbo-talk until then, just up in the Zimbabwe mountains hunting in the AM, fishing in the PM and doing art criticism after that.) Patrick Bond email: pbond at wn.apc.org * phone: 2711-614-8088 home: 51 Somerset Road, Kensington 2094 South Africa work: University of the Witwatersrand Graduate School of Public and Development Management PO Box 601, Wits 2050, South Africa email: bondp at zeus.mgmt.wits.ac.za phone: 2711-488-5917 * fax: 2711-484-2729

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