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Sun Jan 2 23:44:52 PST 2000

[I hadn't heard this take before but I like Susie and it has a kind of poetic injustice to it. It's from the December 1999 issue of the Progressive, on the web at]


Jane Slaughter for the Progressive: Last year's news: How do you sum up Bill and Monica?

Bright: My message to Monica is, "Be the President, don't blow the President." It's so sad, because she ws this academic child genius leader when she was little, and she really wanted to be President. She made a big deal about it when she was in the early grade school years, and then when puberty came her father and mother completley destroyed her education. She wanted to go to good schools, and they had tons of money, and she could have gotten a superb education, and they deep-sixed everything. Her brother got this huge bar mitzvah, and she got a hot dog party.

She got sent to a fat farm instead of a four-year undergraduate school. She could have gone anyplace with her grades and her talent, and she just got screwed because they had the attitude that "this isn't what's important, what's important is that you're not pretty enough."



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