Jean-Christophe Helary helary at eskimo.com
Mon Jan 3 21:03:55 PST 2000

> Hey, so all you Y2K Chicken Littles out there - what happened? Too
> early to tell? Massive media coverup? Successful work by thousands of
> feverish programmers?
> Doug

In the japanese media there was an official "nothing happened" on the first day around 10am, except for a few train ticket vending machines. The day after they started to mention that problems had happend in nuclear power plants (which are under thourough scrutinity since the accident a few months ago in Ibaraki prefecture), but it was clearly mentioned that the problems did not affect the power plants themselves but mostly administrative systems...

I'm pretty sure that a few years from now, we'll be informed that in fact such and such company/gvt agency had really a major problem but for security/publicity reasons it was covered up... :-)

A happy y2k !

Jean Christophe Helary

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