Who Admires Hitler's Economy?

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jan 4 07:52:17 PST 2000

> >Every time this comes up I cite Kalecki, to no apparent effect. You
>>cannot separate the economic and political aspects of Naziism - you
>>can only have full employment under capitalism with vigorous
>>repression of unions and political freedoms.
>Every time *this* comes up, I register disagreement by bringing up Hjalmar
>Schacht, Hitler's Reichsbank chairman in the relevant period and one of the
>few people to have been acquitted at Nuremberg. The only relevant Nazi
>econonomic policy in the 1930s was aggressive monetary expansion, financed
>by default on overseas debt. Hence, (possibly) M. Sawicky's analogy with
>the current USA?

And sending some of the unemployed to labor camps in the Masurian swamps, and crushing unions, and freezing wages...

Brad DeLong (who hasn't looked at this in five years, and may have some of the timing off...)

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