Jose Bove as a rightwinger?

JC Helary helary at
Tue Jan 4 10:48:23 PST 2000

> Scott says:
> Actually Bove is quite identified with the left in France. His farmers
> union, whose initials I don't have in front of me is a major left breakaway

Confederation Paysanne

> from the rightwing farm organization that is dominant in France. And thanks

FNSEA Federation National des Syndicats d'Exploitants Agricoles

> break through in the mass media as people who must be reckoned with in
> rural issues. BTW Bove told me they take a strong anti-fasicst postion v.

CP was one of the major participants in the ATTAC led protests against wto in France. Considering ATTAC and it's relations to very antifacist groups or magazines (Charlie Hebdo/Le Monde Diplomatique) it is very unlikely that CP has any link to the extreme right.

Even though the e-r also has slogans against gmo or for the protection of the evironment, it is only superficial. What Russel was mentionning is probably the Hunt&Nature new political group that emerged recently (european parliement elections). It is a rural very conservative group that is getting closer to the established conservative right to get more momentum. Absolutely nothing to do with Confederation Paysanne.

> - But that sure as hell wasn't what I saw in Seattle.

And it is not what I saw from CP when I was in Paris in September, or what you can read in the papers about them.

(btw, I think Le Monde -the daily, not connected to the monthly ~Diplomatique- has an english info service, I never checked it though, bottom right of the page)


ok, I am really off.

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