bourgeois highdomes

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Jan 4 14:22:19 PST 2000

>From Doug to Sam:
>>In Amin's latest MR PRess book Spectres of Capitalism, he lists a good
>>chunk of Derrida, Lyotard and Foucault in the biblio. I trust he has
>>read them but he doesn't discuss any author in particular in the chapter
>>on "postmodernism." I suspect he has better things to do and think
>Really? Marx took the leading bourgeois thinkers of his time - and
>even some minor, risible characters - very seriously. Why shouldn't a
>contemporary Marxist do the same?

Is a division of labor unacceptable here? Quite a few books entirely devoted to examinations of postmodernism have been written by Marxists, such as Ellen Wood, Alex Callinicos, Terry Eagleton, Norman Geras, among others, besides many articles and chapters dedicated to the same task. It is not as if Samir Amin, as an individual Marxist thinker, has to do the same all over again, unless he has something new to add to the existing criticisms.

On the other hand, I haven't read any postmodernist discuss articles and books by Wood, Callinicos, Geras, etc. Perhaps postmodernists consider them irrelevant or beneath their attention.


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