Mr. Byfield's C- Posts

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Jan 5 06:46:23 PST 2000

You know, virtual ("sort of") stalking. Pinning you down as if, "ah ha. I have asked you questions you cannot answer, and thus I show that you betrayed me and its in the archive too." Relentlessly focussed on one individual, with no apparent reason, to shoiw them unable to answer questions on judgement day. "You will not be allowed in the kingdom of heaven, Yoshie Furuhashi." Well maybe not all that. But heavy virtual pressure. Interrogation, which is a postmod method, I believe. It is Platonic method too :asking you questions that they THINK make you look silly, silly. Like law professors.


>>> Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at> 01/04/00 06:16PM >>>
>>Happy, happy.
>>This guy is starting to seem like a sort of stalker.
>Silly, silly.
>This was all right out in the open, no night goggles and such like. is it
>stalking to repeat questions that are never answered?

I don't consider the repeating of questions to be the same as stalking, but the fact of the matter is that I'm not the only critic of postmodernism on this list, so I don't see why the questions have to be addressed to _me in particular_ (repeatedly, with _name-calling_, _months_ after the threads on the subject of science and postmodernism, etc. died), as if I were the first and only person on the planet who was to qeustion postmodernists' attempt to obviate the science/ideology distinction. I find this behavior bizarre. Extensive criticisms have been offered by various posters, drawing upon the primary and secondary texts on postmodernism. If they didn't satisfy Mr. Byfield then, nothing I may say now ever will, and in fact, he said as much repeatedly: e.g., "but you still haven't answered ANY of the questions. nor will you." So, it's pointless for him to continue.


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