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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Jan 5 07:07:48 PST 2000

Relentlessly, seemingly for weeks, trying to pin someone down with questions and saying ahha you can't answer. This is e-mail . It is a "sort of".

A stalker of a movie star is the type that I am most familiar with. Someone is just so amazed by some star, like Yoshie, a virtual reality star. They go to all her e-mail movies. They just think she is the greatest.

Then for some reason, she does something in one of her roles that this dazzled fan believes ruins everything. You get the picture.

Otherwise, why not ask me, Carrol, Jim F. , the other people who say crticial things about postmod all these questions ?

It seems like weeks that these questions and cutting remarks have been going on. But I thought , well, Yoshie seems to be friends with Ted, so it's probably teasing. Then I see this post where Yoshie says she is going to delete his posts. So, that means she does not think this is fun stuff, giving all the intense questioning and sarcastic cuts a different connotation.

I recall Yoshie had to leave M-thaxis because of some impolite posting to her.


>>> Catherine Driscoll <catherine.driscoll at> 01/04/00 10:27PM >>>

Charles Brown writes, with reference, it appears, to M. Byfield:

>Happy, happy.
>This guy is starting to seem like a sort of stalker.

I would love to know in what sense this guy is starting to seem like some sort of stalker. I've turned this statement, and its implications, over and over and it still looks like rubbish to me. Possibly this makes me a postmodernist.


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