The Nazi Economy

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Wed Jan 5 14:36:29 PST 2000

If the ex-Marxist faker Robert Fogel, and lbo-talk's house apologist for capitalism, Brad DeLong, are Daniel's comrades, he has thereby made my case for me. My refutation of Time on the Cross was contemporary with its notoriety, at a time when I myself was an award-winning historian of slavery despite being unlettered and lacking an academic home. Some of Fogel's faked data, attempting to demonstrate that masters were kind to their slaves and did not break up slave family units, were drawn from the material I published (ten volumes of WPA narratives of ex-slaves), which in fact demonstrates the opposite of Fogel's assertions. Judging by Daniel's excerpt, Brad evidently is unaware that Schacht flopped as Weimar's central banker, and that Schacht authored the Nazi policy of expropriating Jewish property. The alternative explanation is that Brad knows these things, but has deliberately misled his readers in order to prettify his heroic central banker.

Ken Lawrence

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