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Zack Exley zee at
Wed Jan 5 15:50:17 PST 2000

The asks if the there is any similarity between the Internet bubble and the South Sea Bubble ( ) and conclude: So is there any similarity between the South Sea Bubble and the rise of Internet companies, then? Hopefully it is clear that there isn't. The growth in the Internet sector is based on the real expectations that electronic commerce is only in its infancy and that there is huge potential expansion to come. So are there any aspects of speculative gambling built in to current Internet company prices? Inevitably. Will some currently high priced companies fail to live up to their valuations? Almost certainly. Is there great potential for growth in the best Internet companies? This Fool is convinced there is -- there are some great companies out there that are very well placed to increasingly become the driving forces in 21st century trade. And are the big players currently overvalued? Well, individual investors will have to decide that for themselves.

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