TWX + AOL; NBC next?

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Mon Jan 10 08:58:26 PST 2000

Doug Henwood wrote:
> [Wow.]
> Wall Street Journal online - January 10, 2000
> Time Warner, AOL to Merge, Forming a Multimedia Giant
> AOL Now Gets Access to Speedy Cable Lines;
> Time Warner Shares Surge in Early Trading
> LOS ANGELES -- Media and entertainment giant Time Warner Inc. and No.
> 1 online-service provider America Online Inc. agreed to merge in a
> stock transaction valued at about $166 billion plus $17.8 billion in
> Time Warner debt.

Well, the only thing that AOL-Time Warner would need to sew up domination of the Internet would be a few good porn sites.

Can't see that happening.

Do you folks know why there are still independent videostores? Do you wonder why Blockbuster hasn't driven them all out of business? It's because Blockbuster, in its devotion to the "moral highground," refuses to rent or sell adult movies. This is why you can find adult content at every local videostore.

Long live Internet samizdat!

-- Chuck0

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