Do lawyers suck?

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Mon Jan 10 08:59:46 PST 2000

Although, I am not now nor have I ever been a lawyer--I think that the LBO legal fraternity is being a little too tough on itself. Also, I have a hunch that there are lawyers who subscribe to LBO who have not revealed themselves as lawyers or who do not post for obvious reasons.

Nathan brought up the subject of labor law. The Steelworker's have been very lucky over the years. We have had some high profile legal talent like Lee Pressman and Arthur Goldberg. Pressman who besides being the USWA general counsel was also Philip Murray's personal attorney. Goldberg made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The Steelworkers have also had attorney's who were regional power house like J. P. Mac Ardle. And there have been innovative and creative attorney's like our retired general counsel Bernie Kleinman who are almost unknown outside of the steel industry. Then there have been numerous attorneys who have done little favors over the years for the Steelworkers for little or no recompense or recognition.

In my own humble opinion the key to progress in labor law is the re-examination of the relationship between corporations, law and democracy.

Tom Lehman

Charles Brown wrote:

> >>> "Nathan Newman" <nathan.newman at> 01/08/00 10:47AM >>>
> Justin,
> I never said anything about lawyers as people, only as a profession. I actually
> agree with you that academics probably have a higher percentage of psychotics
> and petty thugs than law. A lot of lawyers are very pleasant people-- by the
> nature of their work, they develop good social skills and often care about their
> clients.
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> CB: My problem personally with lawyers is when they are on the other side of a case with you. It gets wearying to be on guard all the time. You have to be thinking all the time. Protecting your weaknesses. Attacking their weaknesses. Yet , politely. It gets crazy.
> As Nathan says some in his comment, lawyers are , obviously, overwhelmingly a strata which aids the ruling class in upholding the status quo. The small percentage of exceptions does not refute the validity of this generalization about lawyers as a group. Since law is politics, more than physicians, lawyers are involved in bad politics, capitalist hegemony building and legitimization of the existing law and order. Judges and lawyers are politicians pretending not to be politicians, posing as upholders of Reason.
> Post-modernists should do more deconstructing of lawyers as Age of Reasoners, modernists and powermongering wolves clothed in the discourse of reason.
> CB
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