contingency and psychoanalysis

Liza Featherstone lfeather32 at
Mon Jan 10 12:45:08 PST 2000

Hi List --

Unfortunately I've lost Yoshie's original post on psychoanalysis leaving little room for contingency, agreement with her, the British psychoanalyst Adam Phillips in his book *On Flirtation* points out that Freud left very little room for the contingency that characterizes most human lives. He argues, for example, that that's why Freud paid so little attention to flirtation -- an odd omission since on a daily basis, most of us probably spend more time engaged in that practice than on any other sexual activity -- flirtation is all about the subject's relationship to contingency and accident. Since Phillips is a psychoanalyst he analyzes why all this might have made SF so uneasy. Dunno if I agree completely, but great fun.


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