Civil Society Marches Toward Global Governance

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Mon Jan 10 17:57:42 PST 2000

. . . (And to think in '92, Clinton pretended to listen to Jeff, and wanted to appoint Bob McIntyre of CTJ, to the CEA (???) but GOP congressmen blocked it, like they did to Derek Shearer)

Michael Pugliese

I don't think McIntyre was ever in danger of going to CEA. The job he wanted and didn't get was in Treasury -- Deputy Assistant Secy for Tax Policy. I doubt Shearer had a shot either, though there was some other posts for him.

Shearer incidentally is a totally reconstructed Clintonoid now. Real bummer. His book encouraged me to take up economics, though it wasn't the only one. Otherwise I might have gone back into English and be swapping polysyllables with Yoshie.


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