historical materialism

Sam Pawlett rsp at uniserve.com
Tue Jan 11 12:29:31 PST 2000

Charles Brown wrote:

> Historical materialism didn't apply for most of the time of the existence of humanity. Historical materialism is the theory of the development of exploitative class society. Humans arose at least 100,000 years ago, and exploiting classes arose 7,000 years ago. So, historical materialism doesn't apply to at least 93,000 years of human society. This is important , by the way, because it gives hope that humans can exist without exploiting classes, and even "brutality and conflict."

Hi Charles, I disagree here. The initial premise of hm is that everyone must satisfy their biological needs and engage in production to do so, so as long as people must do that, hm applies and will apply in a post-capitalist society. For how else is one living in post-capitalist or socialist society to be able to understand the society she lives in from the particular historical vantage point she stands in?

Sam Pawlett

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