Valid Conspiracy Theory

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Thu Jan 13 10:23:08 PST 2000

See post to Jacob

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>I was reading an article in the bourgeois media yesterday and it made some
mocking reference to a "conspiracy >theory" as an explanation for some media event. With that it is fully dawning on me that the bourgeois
>propagandists have succeeded in selling some of the U.S. left, such as it
is and reflected on this list, on the >idea that there are too many conspiracy theories circulating around as explanations of various public events >and incidents. This came up recently here with all the ostrichlike responses to the idea that John F. Kennedy >was assassinated according to a conspiracy by the rightwing in the federal government, probably J. Edgar
>Hoover, etc. Below is another brief, valid analysis of an actual and
important political conspiracy and >assassination right under the noses of the naive "left".


Petchy, our hippy insurance expert (of whom, I am sure, more in the fullness of time), has a saying about this which might or might not be original:

"The history of the world is not, of course, shaped by shadowy elite conspiracies; but it is a useful analytical tool to treat it as if it were".


CB: Exactly, an INSURANCE agent is guiding your political thinking. and you think the above is clever. Amazing. They have you thinking like an ostrich and you think you are the clever one.

The history of the world is replete with shadowy elite conspiracies. How do you think elite TINY MINORITIES have been able to rule over majorities without extensive trickery and ruse. Religion is a massive hoax, and it wouldn't help the shadowy elite if they didn't know it.


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