On Cultural Privilege

Alexandre Fenelon afenelon at zaz.com.br
Thu Jan 13 16:19:54 PST 2000

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> Zack Exley wrote:
> >I think your figure for Russia is old. They used to have a higher
> >incarceration rate than us, but now it's less than ours. I heard it's
> >they let out lots of prisoners after "communism fell".
> No, they're recent numbers (from the last 3 years or so) assembled by
> a statistician from the UK Home Office.
> Doug

According to Mr. Hobsbawn (Age of Extremes) the incarceration rate of USSR was less the USA as early as 1984. Mr. Kennedy also states it in his second book on superpowers (I don't know how its original was called. I read a Portuguese translation.


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