Valid Conspiracy Theory

Lisa & Ian Murray seamus at
Thu Jan 13 19:44:13 PST 2000

The left is not the crazy right, reducing control and rule to silly theories about black helicopters, but to deny that conspiracy, including grossly illegal activities is a part of how they rule is naive.

====== There were black helicopters over Seattle on 11/30 and Black Helicopters fly all through northern CA, OR and WA during Sept and Oct of every year looking for harvesters of the evil weed.

CEO's converge on DC like flies to dung every time the 'debate' on the Budget Bill gets started; it's usually sponsored by Business Week magazine [gotta divvy up that pie!]. They hold "conferences". A lot of Capital big wigs are ex-military officers, men [women too] who are obsessed with planning and after Viet Nam and US FP in Central America during the Reagan era, don't really give a hoot about "illegality".

The rich have a very simple motto: Reality is what you can get away with.


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