FW: Follow-up to your memo

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Fri Jan 14 19:35:16 PST 2000

Send Greenpeas a nasty e-mail and got this in response.


-----Original Message----- From: wendy wright [mailto:wendy.wright at dialb.greenpeace.org] Sent: Friday, January 14, 2000 2:42 PM To: sawicky at epinet.org Subject: Follow-up to your memo

Thank you for your recent email.

Greenpeace Canada is aware that an email has been circulating which raises concerns about the treatment of the union. We are very concerned with the allegations raised in this email.

Greenpeace Canada and the union enjoy a productive working relationship. We are committed to addressing the concerns that have been raised in the email through the processes and procedures contained in our collective agreement. Greenpeace Canada will continue to respect and honour the terms of our collective agreement and will work with the union to resolve these issues. Please send all attachements in Word 95 V7a, Excell 95 or Wordperfect 6

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