West on Bradley's Gravitas

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Jan 16 23:22:48 PST 2000

Nathan Newman wrote:

>Yes and he voted for chunks of Reaganomics. That said, out of the four people
>likely to be President, it is reasonable to argue that he is probably the best
>of the bunch.

Fuck 'em all. They're all vying for the position of CEO of the world bourgeoisie; why take a position on them?

> Bradley did vote against the Welfare Deform bill and had a pretty
>good voting record on labor and environmental issues. And he is promoting
>universal coverage of health reform (however moderate his proposal) which Gore
>refuses even to do at this point.

Some awful proposal, much like Republican stuff from 10 years ago, is a reason to vote for Dollar Bill? Please.

>It is pathetic to even suggest voting for a left candidate like Nader who has
>not even announced his candidacy by now. It's just not a serious
>campaign just
>like in 1996.

Who said anything about Ralph? Joel Kovel for President!

>One more reason to like West. At least someone on the Left cares about sound

Hey, I can do soundbites, and so can lots of other lefties. West invokes the stuff about moral decay the ruling class likes. As Adolph Reed argues, white America designates certain black Americans as racial spokespersons, part of a race management elite, and West is one of those.


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