Bradley's Health Care Proposal (RE: West on Bradley's Gravitas

Marta Russell ap888 at
Tue Jan 18 11:01:32 PST 2000

Nathan Newman wrote:

> Which is the point of everyone under the Bradley plan automatically being
> eligible for the Federal system of health care plans to avoid such
> cherry-picking.

It doesn't eliminate cherry picking. The consumer union's analysis has been very clear that cherry picking hasn't been dealt with well at all. What will exist under Bradley's plan is what exists now -- a number of health plans to "choose" from. Each HMO, PPO, and the federal plans underwrite to their own specific concerns, therefore, each plan is not the same and it is loaded to assure the insurance corporation the greatest possible protection against risk. The PWD with a voucher will have to shop between all these plans. Plans will continue to impose pre-existing conditions, deny treatments for certain conditions, and overprice chronically ill persons out of the plans.

None of the Medicaid HMO plans work for people with disabilities. There are studies that show that PWDs fare better under fee for service Medicaid and that is why the government does not force PWDs onto these private plans.

> Nathan -- $150 per person per month is a quite reasonable amount-- not the lowest
> possible
> amount since I have personally paid less as an individual who did not even have
> the advantage of group pooling. If you have info showing that $150 per month
> (or $5000 per family) cannot buy a decent plan under the Federal Employees
> Health Benefits Program, that might argue otherwise.

Nathan how old are you? 20 something?? You have no idea about what you speak. Older people and disabled people do not fit into the same demographics as YOU. The typical premium for a private policy for a chronically ill or disabled person is over $400 per month (this is what the government pays per Medicare HMO enrollee and the HMOs scream that it isn't enough) and I have heard as high as $1,100. None of those disabled people on Medicaid can pay these rates. A voucher for $150 will be a death sentence.

Further there is nothing to prevent the HMOs, PPOs from charging higher rates.

Nathan I think you have decided you like Bradley so none of these details will amount to a hill of beans to you.


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