Pinochet 'Could Have Faked Dementia'

t byfield tbyfield at
Wed Jan 19 08:38:15 PST 2000

> Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 06:53:43 +0000
> From: Chris Burford <cburford at>

> [Perhaps there should be a retirement home on St Helena for people like
> him, Kohl, Yeltsin, Milosevic, Karadic ... (too late for Arkan).]

iirc, garcia-marquez even described how it could be decorated in _the autumn of the patriarch_.

> Interestingly Pinochet long resisted his lawyers trying to get him off on
> health grounds. Now he has to suffer the humiliation of speculation that he
> is either demented or lying.

haven't people been speculating that for decades? the obvious difference is that now it's an either/or, whereas when he was in power it was a both/and proposition. well, and also now it is The Establishment doing the speculating instead of his ene- mies.

so now he joins the ranks of clark clifford ('venal or stupid') and ted kaczynski (insane/political).

cheers, t

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