Bradley's Health Care Proposal

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Wed Jan 19 09:00:50 PST 2000


Explain to Joe Noonan all the various ways that large health corporations from hospitals and HMO's to physician groups, residential to skill nursing facilities, to the giant equipment manufactures, drug industry, and private insurance industries are the beneficiaries to the federal billions.

The poor slobs who are bleeding or rotting to death are just the delivery mechanism in these transactions.

I am too fed-up with these slime to bother any more. Here's an example. The fed and states don't administer either the fed or their own state programs directly, but contract them out to guess who? Private insurance industry. They take a cut, hire 5.00/hr drones to deny requested services and then let the beneficiary appeal--more likely a hospital administration of other 5.00/hr people in collections.

While a lot of dollars change hands up in the offices, down in the street they are paying, and bleeding and dying as usual.

This health business is really, really, really rotten to the core and was designed that way in the first place. If people thought the WTO wasn't worth reforming, they should investigate the US health care industry.

Chuck Grimes

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