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Wed Jan 19 10:32:49 PST 2000

I'm a Green Party member (a former Green Candidate for Congress) and I can't believe the blind greenwashing of Nader. Despite the Naderites' connection to right-wing funders like Roger Milliken, the party plans to go forward with it's coronation of Nader without any meaningful debate.

Salzman's broadside aimed at pre-empting such a needed debate is almost incoherent -- just what "leftists" and just what "greens" are she referring to? Greens would never tolerate Nader's behavior and sources of funding were he anyone else. What gives?

During Nader's last snoozer of a run, he barely mentioned real Green issues. Rather than left ideas being "subsumed by Greens," Nader's 1998 sleepwalk showed that Greens were subsumed by Nader's economic nationalism.

Michael Donnelly

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