Nader attack: your posting

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Thu Jan 20 07:10:06 PST 2000

Consumers, yes, but isn't there a problem with interpellating people as consumers? Kind of marketizing and reductive.

Working people, how? Nader contributed no small amount to the deregulation movement, which savaged the wages & working conditions of people in air and ground transportation. What's he done to counter that? Doug

I doubt Nader can be given much blame for dereg in transp, tho I'd be happy to be corrected. Presently Nader seems to have a well-rounded, worker-sensitive left perspective. How he maneuvers politically is another matter.

The big enchilada of an issue is boozshwah consumerism, and how it has degraded progressive politics and the true populist core of progressivism -- namely, producerism.

As I'm sure you will all agree.


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