Sachs Applauds India's Role in Seattle

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Thu Jan 20 11:02:17 PST 2000

At 09:35 AM 1/20/00 -0800, Jeffrey St. Clair quoted:

>the noted economist, Mr. Jeffrey Sachs urged the country to don a new
>role on
>the world-stage. India must become pro-active on the world arena by
>into a formulator of visions and leader of institutions, he said while
>delivering the millennium lecture at the CII's 'Partnership Summit' here

So that intellectual slut (apologies to sex workers) is trying to jump on another bandwagon again, after doing Russia in together with the Russian mob? (on Sachs' Russian mafia connection see Janine R. Wedel, _Collision and Collusion_ - parts of which appeared in The Nation June 1, 1998 issue).

Sachs' role in Eastern Europe was best summarized by the Polish Minister of Finance: "Sachs did not make any new discoveries her, but he helped us in that he could make many peopl eunderstand the obvious truths thatthey might not have understood otherwise." In John Kenneth Galbraith's words, he did what economists do best - "providing the needed conclusions to those in the position to pay for them."


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